Sony sues Datel over its Max Power Digital tool: Could be used to hack PSP


Datel and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe clearly don’t like each other very much. How do we know this? SCEE has taken Datel to court over its as yet unreleased “Lite Blue Tool,” which has been renamed the Max Power Digital. The device would let users hack, in a sense, the PSP. Sony didn’t care for this very much, and is now in lawsuit mode.

The device, which was first announced last year, would put the PSP, including the new PSP 3000 (but not really), into Service Mode. Once in Service Mode, the PSP could then be loaded up with custom firmware. And as we all know, once the PSP is running custom firmware is can run unofficial homebrew software as well as pirated games.

If you have an older, pre-PSP 3000 system, hacking the system is trivial; piracy is a bit of a problem for Sony here.

What’s weird is that Datel has changed the description of device, and says it only works on PSP 1000 and PSP 2000. So the original “selling point,” that it can hack the PSP 3000, turned out to be bunk.

In summation, Sony has sued Datel for a product that no longer does what gamers (well, would-be pirates) wanted: hack the PSP 3000.

The PSP gets too much hate, too, while we’re at it. WipeOut Pulse is pretty great, as is Jeanne D’Arc. Crisis Core, if you’re into JRPGs, is fun, too. Throw in some Lumines and, I don’t know, God of War if you don’t mind button mashing, and you have a fairly capable little system.

via Gamasutra

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