Thief caught red-handed with $90,000 worth of laptops and Sony Ericsson prototypes

Okay, first three rules of stealing: A) Don’t steal, B) Don’t steal from your employer – not only are they the hand that feeds, but they’ve got your name on all kinds of lists, and C) Don’t friggin’ steal limited run prototypes that only certain people have access to.

When a bunch of junk went missing from the Sony Ericsson labs in Lund, Sweden earlier this week, police got to sleuthing. After checking in to a number of direct Sony Ericsson employees, someone thought to look into the contractors Sony Ericsson had brought around lately. Sure enough, the trail lead back to a contractor in a neighboring Scanian city, where police found over $90,000 USD (or 750,000 kronor) worth of stolen laptops and Sony Ericsson cell phones, a number of which were unreleased prototypes. The man, who has yet to be named, was arrested for “aggravated theft”.

[Via Mobilfeber, Thanks Wille!]