Transformers G1 collection up on eBay

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Oh. My. Gawd. If I only had $5 grand lying around I might consider blowing it on this. One mospeada30 has put up what appears to be the entire G1 collection of Transformers action figures. That includes all action figures from 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, and most of 1988, according to the seller. They’re obviously not in mint condition, but at least a vast majority of them are there and intact. The current bid is $4,250 with 4.5 days left. This sh*t is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

I have every single Transformer in this collection from 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, and the majority of the 1988 catalog (with exceptions, see below). In late 1988, I stopped collecting Transformers because I didn’t like the direction the toys were taking. Please. Plastic shell animals that crack open to reveal a very plastic-y robot inside? I lost interest pretty fast.

Because this collection is very big, *it is possible that some parts/weapons may be missing*, so I need to disclose that. I actually have most all the weapons/parts in a very large jar. It would take me ages to go through, and organize each piece with its weapons, catalogs, spec sheet, etc. So for that reason, I’m selling collection as a whole, and the new buyer is more than welcome to dive into that project.

All Headmasters have there, um, well, correct Headmasters with them. They are present with their vehicles and accounted for EXCEPT the white RX7 Headmaster dude. I probably have it, somewhere, in there. He was the only piece that didn’t have his correct Headmaster with him.

*In the picture showing the boxed Transformers, the boxed ‘WheelJack’ and ‘Mirage’ are Italian Transformers! I picked them up when I was in Italy circa 1987. Please take note of that.

Known missing Transformers that I do not have in this collection;

Red Alert – Autobot Fire Dept Lamborghini Countach

Misfire – Decepticon Target Master

Ram Jet – missing a left wing

via Transformers Live