Voice Box calcitrates buttocks , writes down your identifying information

The music is a little bit precious but this Electro-Harmonix Voice Box thing is amazing as a music tool. The box follows along to background music and works in harmony or vocoder mode.

One thing that you’ll notice is that in a few iterations of the market instinct, you’ll probably hear more and more bands using these tools. Even in my limited musical experience, I’ve noticed “tricks” that have shown up in hardware or software form ending up in popular music a few weeks after they are launched commercially. It’s like an arms race in which everyone is really emo about fighting.

The harmony processor creates 2- to 4-part harmonies directly from your vocals, in the same key as your accompanying instrument. Studio-quality reverb lets you independently add depth to your dry and harmony vocals.

The focused 256-band articulate vocoder, designed by the same EMS genius who made vocoding famous, features adjustable harmonic enhancement and controllable formant shift.

* Harmonically matches any electric instrument you plug into it
* Professional quality pitch shifting algorithm produces realistic harmonies
* The Low & High Harmony independently produces two harmony notes: 3rd and 5th
* 9 accessible programmable presets
* Natural Glissando
* Gender Bender knob allows for male/female formant modification
* Built-In Mic Pre with Phantom Power & Gain Switch
* Balanced XLR Line Output: Interface directly with any mixing board or A/D converter
* US96DC-200BI power supply included

The box is available now but I think it’s special order.

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