Xbox 360 titles dominate 2008

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In the year 2008, that’s last year in case you’ve just awoken from your cryogenic slumber, folks who rented games from the likes of Blockbuster and/or Gamefly were keen on Xbox 360 titles. The most rented game was Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360. In fact, seven of the top 10 games rented last year were all Xbox 360 titles with the top five going to the big green X. The other three spots were claimed by Wii titles, but the PS3 didn’t fare so well.

But what does that mean, if anything? Did PS3 owners opt to buy games rather than renting them or was there nothing worth renting and/or buying? Weren’t Resistance 2 and LBP big games for the Sony console? Was it because those games came out so late in the year? Maybe, but probably not considering Bethesda’s Fallout 3 was released just before Halloween. What do the PS3 owners have to say?

via Shack News