Obama's presidential limo revealed and it's a beast

Technology has made leaps and bounds since the last President was inaugurated so it’s only right that Obama gets a new ride. “The Beast” as it has been dubbed, is still a Cadillac but not one you can buy off the shelf. Of course it’s heavily modified and some claim that it can keep rolling even after a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade, but even the style is something exclusive on this caddy.

Previously, the GM-built coach was simply a modified DTS or Deville, but you can’t buy a Cadillac car with the styling of The Beast this time around. The front fascia seems to be a cross between an Esculade and the DTS. The overall package works well though. Kind of like a crossover limo with the extra height and bulk that likely hids inches of armor and the plush interior.

The official debut isn’t until January 20 and we likely will not learn anything else about the highly secretive ride. Who wants to bet that it’s got an iPod dock though?