Trongs: Get a grip on finger food

TrongsBW3, my local wing joint, has an all-you-can-eat special for $10. Of course, I’m a sloppy eater, and wind up with spicy garlic sauce all over me whenever I eat wings. And heaven forbid should someone call me while I’m dripping in wing sauce, requiring me to fish into my pocket for my phone! If only someone would invent some kind of gripper to allow me to eat wings without slathering myself in sauce! Oh lucky me, someone has: Trongs!

Trongs look like something the Skesis used in The Dark Crystal, which is not at all a bad reason to consider using them. Rather than have your delicate, manicured hands touch the filth of the sauce on wings or ribs, you instead use these modern marvels to move the food from the plate to your gaping maw. These one-size-fits-all utensils are made from dishwasher safe polypropylene. At $5 for six pairs of Trongs, it’s not like they’ll break the bank.

“Trongs are like chopsticks … on steroids!”

Or you could just use a napkin like people have been doing for decades…