Jobs: "Why don’t you guys leave me alone – why is this important?"

applelogoBloomberg has published a spectacularly irresponsible piece just now saying that Steve Jobs is “considering a liver transplant.” Their sources are “people who are monitoring his illness,” a nice vague group which includes me and you. Steve did not say he was considering a liver transplant, and neither did Apple, and neither did his doctor. An endocrinologist did say that it was a possibility for people with his (presumed) condition. Steve’s response in a phone interview was “Why don’t you guys leave me alone – why is this important?” Good question.

I’ve stated my position that whether Steve is healthy enough to lead the company or not is shareholder business because he has willingly personified the company. But this story, and certainly many more stories to come shortly, are crossing the line from journalism to vulturism. He may or may not be getting a treatment, and whether he does or not, it may or may not have an effect on his place at Apple. There’s no consequence to this flimsily-sourced “news” other than the further humiliation of a man in a very difficult position.

I’ll be the first to write up any real news on the man, but this kind of morbid hovering is distasteful and, more importantly, useless.