You're going to be waiting a *long* time for Final Fantasy XIII, America


Hope you weren’t looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XIII any time soon, Americans, for Square Enix said late last night (time zone permitting) that the game won’t be released here till at least next April. It’s like the good old days when we had to wait years and years for a localization to come out, if it ever did.

Right, so Square Enix—Squeenix, as the cool kids say—said that it won’t release the game until its next fiscal year. That begins in April, 2010. So, the absolute earliest we’d see the game here would be 15 months from now.

Remember, the game was first revealed E3 in 2006.

Oh, and remember that Square Enix said that work won’t begin on the Xbox 360 version of the game till it has completed the Japanese version.

In other words, you could probably go back and play the previous 10 (not counting FFXI, of course) games a dozen times before it ships.