Guy beats ‘Marble Madness’ in 2:30

It’s a shame that speedruns don’t get more widespread attention with “regular” people because this romp through Marble Madness is both breathtaking and mesmerizing. Show this video to your wife, girlfriend, friends, or family who aren’t into nerdly endeavors, though, and they’ll likely respond, “So what? It’s a guy flailing his arms around for a couple minutes.”

No, it’s a guy finishing Marble Madness in two and a half minutes while only dying once! Once! I’m actually surprised that he died. It’s touching, really. It shows a more human, less robotic side to the art of speedrunning.

Speaking of touching human interest stories as they pertain to video games, if you haven’t seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters yet, you really oughta set aside a couple hours today to watch it. But watch it alone or with people who like video games, otherwise you’ll get the same reaction I did: “So what? It’s some guy in his garage playing Donkey Kong.” No, it’s a guy trying to beat Billy—you know what, never mind. It’s a guy in his garage playing Donkey Kong, now please leave me alone while I watch the rest of this amazing movie without blinking.

[via Offworld]