Tiny company accuses RIM, Nokia of violating patents, wants their products banned in the U.S.


Some five-employee company you’ve never heard of is bullying the US International Trade Commission in order to ban the importation of certain devices from the likes of RIM and Nokia. Why, you ask? Because this company thinks these foreigners have violated one or more of its patents. Just who is this knave? Find out, after a few words from our sponsor.

Right, so the company’s name is Saxon Innovations, and it’s based in Texas. Its main beef, as it were, is that several non-U.S. companies, ranging from Nokia to RIM to HTC, have all violated some of its patents, patents that it bought from AMD in 2007.

They are:

a patent for keypad monitor with keypad activity-based activation; a patent for an apparatus and method for disabling interrupt marks in processors or the like; and a patent for a device and method for interprocessor communication by using mailboxes owned by processor devices

My guess: this will amount to nothing. Also, apologies for the hack Harvey Birdman reference, but I’m a bit under the weather.