Logitech is in financial trouble, mass layoffs imminent

logitech_logo2Logitech is the latest company to bow under the global economic strain. The PC accessory maker had a rough last quarter and now has a tough road ahead. But who is to blame? Anyone? Everyone? There doesn’t seem to be a major CE company that has posted positive third quarter results and layoffs seem to be a common trend; Logitech is going to layoff 550-600 salaried positions.

As people are struggling to make bills, cash available to spend on a $100+ keyboard isn’t available. Plus, with Circuit City now gone (we can say that now, right?) a major retailer isn’t available to pimp Logitech’s wares. Hopefully, Logitech can weather the storm as it always has been a staple in the PC arena and I know of one group of bloggers that would shut down in fits of rage without their Logitech mice and keyboards.