T-Mobile rehashes the Sony Ericsson TM506 in Scarlet Red

Back in September when T-Mobile launched the Sony Ericcson TM506 as their first ever 3G handset, it was a mighty fine lookin’ flip phone – except for that horrible green color. It wasn’t a bad color initially, really. It was kind of like that tattoo you got when you were drunk. At the time, you were like “Green phone?! No one has those! That will be friggin’ awesome! Everyone will think I’m unique”. Within a few days, you hate everything about the color green. Kermit the Frog is suddenly a big jerk, and you hate the taste of broccoli even more.

Four months of green later, T-mobile has gotten around to releasing the TM506 in a shiny new color: Scarlet Red. The specs are identical, the price has dropped down to $49.99 (from $79.99 at launch) and, well, it’s not green.