Verizon to discount up to 13 handsets as early as tomorrow?

According to BGR, Verizon Wireless might be discounting a cornucopia of handsets and EV-DO dongles as early as tomorrow. Motorola makes up the majority of the handsets, but VZW, LG, Casio, Samsung and RIM make up the rest. The most surprising is the Storm. But it looks as if the discount won’t be anything significant. The MIR is expected to jump from $50 to $70 amounting to an additional $20. Hit the jump for the list of devices that could see a discount starting tomorrow.

* Casio G’zOne Boulder
* LG VX5500
* Verizon Wireless Cdm8950
* Verizon Wireless Blitz
* Motorola W755
* Motorola Vu204
* Motorola Vu30 Rapture
* Motorola Krave zn4
* Motorola Adventure V750
* Motorola Z6c and Z6cx
* BlackBerry Storm
* BlackBerry 8830 world edition
* Samsung U810 Renown
* Verizon Wireless Pc5750 EV-DO Rev.A PC Card
* Verizon Wireless Um175 EV-DO Rev.A USB Modem