BlackBerry Storm OS leaks all over the place

The BlackBerry Storm might have its faults, but I’ll give RIM one thing: they’re certainly cranking out these firmware updates at breakneck speed. Of course, no matter how fast they get the updates out, people will get impatient – which is why it’s always good news when a leak like this one occurs.

Sometime last night, OS for the BlackBerry 9500 and 9530 (the GSM and CDMA versions of the Storm) found its way out of the code-crankin’ labs and onto the internets. A number of folks have already put their Storms into the petri dish for the sake of science, returning with positive results; initial reports claim an overall snappier UI (faster transitions and accelerometer detection), and an option to enable a full QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. Remember, however, that this is a leaked (and presumably beta) version of the OS, so it doesn’t come without a fault or two – a few bugs are purportedly still lingering, including one that makes the camera a bit finicky about saving photos properly.

(Mandatory Heads-up: Doing things you don’t understand with unofficial upgrades will break your stuff. Unless you read directions and do things properly, the BlackBerry Storm may insult your family, drink the last soda in the fridge, and more likely, turn into a paperweight. Know what you’re supposed to do before you do it.)

Download Link for BlackBerry Storm 9530 (CDMA)
Download Link for BlackBerry Storm 9500 (GSM)
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[Via CrackBerry]