Boost launches $50 dollar Moto in time for their $50 unlimited plan

Right on time for today’s launch of their $50 Monthly Unlimited plan, Boost Mobile has announced that they’ll be carrying the ultra-basic Motorola i290. They’re going penny-for-penny with the new plan here, peddling the i290 at 50 bucks.

So, what do you get in exchange for that greenbacked portrait of Ulysses S. Grant? Not a whole lot. Its flagship features are Push-to-Talk and GPS – after that point, they start boasting that it has a speakerphone and can hold 600 contacts in the phonebook.

That said – it’s $50 bucks, and it’s a relatively good looking handset for the price. If you’re looking for rich media playback and accelerometer-based gaming, look elsewhere; if you’re on a budget and don’t mind keeping it simple, this’ll fit the bill.