Crunch-time in The North – come along and get slaughtered

TechCrunch Europe Announcement: I’ll be heading up to a Northern Startup 2.0 event on January 28 in Manchester. There’ll be some chat from myself and others and then a pitch competition ominously entitled “StartUp4Slaughter”. I’d heard they were pretty hard in The North, but…

Here are the details:

Thriving as a Tech StartUp in an UpStart economy – Beating the economic blues

“With the last three years of the emergence of web 2.0 startups with no clear focus on revenue generation, the current economic climate is forcing these startups to think otherwise. The startups with the right strategy will emerge, grow and have the opportunity to acquire struggling startups.”

18:00 Registration and networking
18:30 Introductions to 2009 and partners
19:00 Speeches
19:45 Break
20:00 Panel discussion
20:40 StartUp4Slaughter: 5 mins presentation by a tech startup highlighting a specific problem it has. Through rapid Q&A, audience attempts to find answers within 10 mins.


Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch Europe

Ed French, Venture Capitalist, Enterprise Ventures

James Brocket, Managing Partner, CalibreOne

Dr. Zoe Lock, Technology Strategy Board