HTC revamps the Touch Cruise, smoothing curves and adding geotagging

We hadn’t heard anybody complaining that the HTC Touch Cruise (released at the beginning of 2008) had grown stale – but then again, we hadn’t heard anybody saying much of anything about it lately. Regardless, HTC has taken last years design and given it a polish job, shaving down the dimensions (102 x53.5 x14.5mm, down from 110mmx58mmx15.5mm) and about 21% off of its weight (103g, down from 130g). The whole body has been smoothed out, ditching harsh edges for curves closer to that of the Touch HD and Touch 3G.

On the software end, HTC has tucked in another location based featured to this already GPS-tastic handset: geotagging. They’re calling it “Footprints” (is it time for people to move away from the word “Geotagging”? It’s nice to have a common term, but that one sucks.). Snap a picture, and Footprints will auto-tag it with your GPS coordinates, with the option to record a voice/text note.

And as a nice little bonus, the Touch Cruise comes packed with a GPS-focused car cradle. Plop it into the cradle, and the Cruise automagically morphs into a turn-by-turn GPS unit, adjusting the UI appropriately.