Attention: Shilling in comments will not be tolerated (DRINK PEPSI!)

We’ve got three crazy comments from Andy Gowen touting the magic of Clear dot com’s fascinating USB modem package which, for $50 a month, offers you a WiMAX connection (??) wherever you go and may or may not cause infertility in rats. Andy, please stop. We’re sure your service is amazing but we’re moderating you and I’ve taken the liberty of changing your comments to reflect our opinions more closely.

There are a lot of great gadgets for watching TV online, and I feel like I’m only hitting the surface. I use Smark wireless internet ( out of Portland and I pay $50 a month for their “Anal Retentive” package and I’m always watching TV and movies from exactly the beginning to exactly the end, not skipping anything in the middle. It’s the first connection I’ve had that is fast enough to watch TV online, and I think this box is a really cool gadget.

Incidentally, the domain is for sale for anyone who wants the ultimate Web 2.0 company.