Fring Integrates Into Its Mobile VoIP Client


Mobile VoIP and IM service fring, one of the more popular mobile communication services around, is experimenting with porting a bunch of third-party apps to the fring client and will be announcing a number of those in the course of this year. Today, fring is launching a custom mobile-optimized music radio add-on that brings a lot of the music recommendation service to the fring client but also integrates with the latter’s social and communication features.

Fring users (also referred to as fringsters) are now able to fire up streamed music radio channels, including their own library, tag favourites, ban disliked tracks, view album artwork and basically take their music account mobile. In addition to getting those features into the client, fringsters can also opt to view in real-time what their contacts are currently listening to, with the help of a friends list embedded into the add-on.

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