Leaked docs pin Samsung Memoir for T-Mobile release on February 25th

After making the exciting journey from friend-to-friend and scanner-to-internet, a document detailing the launch details for the Samsung Memoir has been leaked for all to enjoy. The good news? In just under a month, we’ll all be able to enjoy the Samsung Memoir in all of its 8-megapixel glory. The bad news? It’ll apparently set you back 300 greenbacks – and that’s after rebates. Yikes.

We’ve known for some time now that the Memoir (or, as those namedropping model numbers will call it so that their friends think they’re super awesome, the T929) carries GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, myFaves support and that, unfortunately, it probably won’t be much of a smartphone due to the TouchWiz (the non-Windows Mobile variant) user interface. Freshly leaked as of late is word that it’ll also rock a Xenon flash, autofocus, 16x digital zoom. Oh, and that it’s targeted at “Family focused amateur photographers, 30-45 years old”.

So what do you think, family focused amateur photographers between 30 and 45 years old? Would you drop 300 bucks for an 8-megapixel shooter with a relatively limited OS when it drops on February 25th?

[Via Tmonews]