Palm Pre hiding two neat little features: Drag to unlock, Spacebar triggered shutter

CES 2009 is long since over, but details of the Palm Pre are still trickling out. Take this latest video from MobileDivide, for example – it’s largely a recap of stuff we’ve known for a while, but it packs in two little morsels that had previously gone unnoticed:

  • Drag-to-unlock: Similar to the iPhone’s “Slide to unlock” mechanism, except optimized for one-handed, ambidextrous unlocking. Simply drag the unlock object out of the circle, and the Pre wakes up.
  • Spacebar triggered camera shutter: Rather than forcing you to capture that once-in-a-lifetime shot with a easily missed touchscreen button or making you reach for a dedicated Camera button, the spacebar is repurposed as the photo snap button when in camera mode.

Every detail that comes out about the Pre indicates that they’ve put a fairly absurd amount of thought into every granule of the user experience. We can’t wait.

[via Precentral]