Re-Rumor: Dell dippin' their toes in the smartphone game

DUDE, YOU’RE GETTING A DELL SMARTPHONE! Maybe. If they’re real. And, you know, any good.

It’s definitely not the first time we’ve heard this one before, but word around Rumormill Way is again indicating that Dell’s dabbling with the idea of getting into the battle for smartphone supreme. According to the WSJ’s sources, they’re tinkering with more than one concept – a little bit of Android here, a bit of WinMo there, and maybe a pinch of touchscreen thrown in for taste. None of the involved parties are admitting anything, of course. Dell’s past attempts at branching out of the computer building biz haven’t been mindbogglingly successful, and with next month’s Mobile World Congress looking to be packed to the brim with Android (thereby crowding up the smartphone market for 2009) don’t be too shocked if these mobile experiments don’t make it out of the lab.