iDesktop's new player makes your videos just that little bit slicker

Those guys up in the wilds of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (ok, so it’s not that wild) have come up with a new version of their wrap-around video player and it’s actually pretty slick.

The bootstrapped startup composed of three young graduates has completely changed the design of the site, and added more functionality such as extensively customisable/embeddable players together with changes to playlists and downloading features. They’ve even created a TechCrunch Player based on our site design which takes videos from the TechCrunch YouTube channel. Other new features include: Custom embedded players for playlists, MP3 downloads among others.

It’s so interesting that they are concentrating on video players, at the same time as Quick.TV, coming out of Newcastle, is prepping its own video player product. Must be something in the water…

We previously wrote about iDesktopTV here and here.