TringMe Finds A Way To Make VoIP Calls from Microsoft Silverlight

Indian start-up TringMe launched a demo of a widget that now allows a user the ability to make a VoIP call from Microsoft Silverlight applications. Silverlight doesn’t allow access to a microphone, thus restricting VoIP calls, so TringMe used a backdoor Flash widget to access the microphone.

This could open up the door for Silverlight developers to integrate VoIP in their applications. What’s interesting is the ability to use Silverlight’s competing application, Flash, to get around issues in the Silverlight platform. Basically, a competing platform is being used to strengthen an existing platform.

To try it out, visit this site. I was able to successfully make a call to my U.S. cell phone.

We wrote about TringMe in 2007 when the company launched a flash-based web phone for browsers. TringMe is a VoIP applications service that allows users to embed Flash widgets to make calls from their computers.