Intel and AMD to power PS4, Xbox 720, and WiiII?

A little creative thinking over at the Inquirer has led them to suggest that Nvidia may get left out in the cold come the new generation of gaming consoles. Intel and AMD are set to split the spoils between them, leaving Nvidia (in its glory and its ego) to play with the PC market, which, as we are constantly being reminded, is dying.

It seems that there’s some bad blood between Sony and Nvidia, and some insiders have said that the GPU contract has gone over to Intel . Kind of puts the lid back on Nvidia’s can of whoop-ass. Similarly, Microsoft may be switching to AMD GPUs for grudge-related reasons. The Wii2, or WII, or Wiii, or Twii, will likely be sporting AMD hardware because ATI has been Nintendo’s partner for a while.

Add into this the fact that AMD is probably making rock-bottom bids right about now due to the fact that if they don’t make some money they’re going to be counting their stock’s value in pennies — on their hands. I’d certainly like to see a comeback like this.