Oh, France: To promote Sony Ericsson, agency creates ‘air [activity]’ campaign


This is what I get for trying to find photos of French TV journalists: air gaming. Apparently it’s a “thing” in Paris right now, along with striking every other day, that was created to help promote Sony Ericsson. One of its new phones has a motion sensor, so SE wanted a hip, cool way to attract eyeballs, and euros. A marketing agency was hired, which then came up with the “air” concept: people were encouraged to take videos of themselves engaged in “air” activities. Think air guitar, only, somehow, less dignified.

Here we have a man “air fishing” in front of the Sacré-Coeur. He’s fishing, you see, but without a pole or line. Additional, he’s fishing for men, so, you know.

This is “air tennis,” outside of Euro Disneyland.

What else can we expect from the delicious campaign? Just a little Air Football, care of FIFA 09.