LG Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard outed by the FCC


Looks like LG is really starting to get into this idea of optional QWERTY keyboards. First they crank out the mix-and-match Versa, then this little gem passes through the FCC. Called the “Bluetooth-enabled QWERTY Card”, it looks to be a Bluetooth keyboard intended for use with LG devices, with a built-in screen for displaying incoming texts and allowing you to respond without lugging out the handset.

Be it that you don’t forget the thing at home, you’ll also be able to fiddle with contacts, alarms, and the clock whilst the handset stays in your bag, or fire off the phone’s camera remotely. That last bit sounds neat – just don’t be a creep with it.

Bluetooth keyboards are nothing new, but they’re still fairly uncommon and generally unsupported. Even if a phone does tote the required HID (Human Input Device) Bluetooth profile, functionality is often quite limited. With the touchscreen trend not looking to be on the way out anytime soon, we can only hope that these optional accessories start getting more love soon. Our fingers are starting to hurt.

[Via UnwiredView]