BlackBerry Gemini details revealed [Update]

blackberry9300Now this is the Curve I would have loved for T-Mobile to have launched this year, but I’m perfectly content with my 8900. The BGR is reporting that the 9300, codename Gemini, is more or less a 3G Curve. Details are scant at this point and BG pontificates that we shouldn’t expect this until Q4 ’09 (if we’re lucky) but mostly likely Q1 ’10. Hit the jump to see what we might expect from Gemini.

Update: BBNews is saying the info above and below (after the jump) does not pertain to Gemini.

“An update on the Gemini leaks.

The 9300 is not the Gemini. Apparently bloggers-that-be got the the numbering all wrong. There IS a device 9300 out there, and with 3G, but it is not the Gemini. That code name has been reserved for the BlackBerry 8325.

Yes, the 8325, which is NOT a 3G device. I am hearing it will be the first device with OS 5.0 installed, and it will have WiFi, with EDGE. One rumor is speculating it will be T-Mobile’s device, but I find that unlikely with the 8900 Curve2 out just now. Why would T-Mobile drop another Curve on us so soon? Other specs.. same 2.0 MP camera, and the screen at 320 x 240.”

9300 specs:

* The screen will be larger than the BlackBerry 8900, and that will also include a higher resolution
* The CPU will also be beefed up. We’re not sure if this means it will include something more powerful than the Bold’s 624MHz processor or not, but we’d like to think so.
* The device is said to be silver (think BlackBerry 8830)
* The keyboard is a little more rounded than the BlackBerry 8900
* The Send/End keys are rounded instead of being flat on the sides
* Styling is not drastically different — it keeps with the 8900/Storm styling
* It of course rocks quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA
* Wi-Fi and GPS was not confirmed, but we’d say there’s about a 99.99% chance
* Camera specs were not confirmed as well, but you can bet you’re looking at 3.2 megapixels or better