Samsung to revamp TouchWiz for MWC09


With good ol Sammie Samsung’s pipes being all kinds of leaky this year, it’s not too surprising that Samsung is going ahead and announcing somethings right before Mobile World Congress. Might as well make sure word gets out properly, right?

This morning, Samsung announced that they have revamped the TouchWiz UI that graces a number of its handsets, and will be demoing it in Barcelona next week. Our translate-o-bot is chorking on the Korean press release a bit, but here’s what we gather:

  • 3D screen transition effects
  • Downloadable widgets
  • Widget menu can be moved to the top or bottom of the screen, rather than being stuck on the side
  • Photos can now be attached to contacts
  • Voice control of some sort

They also casually mention that over 1,000,000 TouchWiz devices have been sold, though we’re not sure whether that includes hybrid (TouchWiz layered on top of Windows Mobile) TouchWiz devices like the Omnia, or if its only those that are TouchWiz to the bone.