NAM Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming later this month for 400 bucks?


We weren’t huge fans of the 5800 XpressMusic when we first laid hands on it, and that probably won’t change when they slap North American-friendly radio in it. But if you’re aching to put your own paws all up on Nokia’s first touchscreen phone, this latest news might please you.

According to The Nokia Blog‘s perusal of a “major distributors” inventory systems, the North American model of the 5800 should start shipping to US retailers by February 26th, with an MSRP of $400 bucks. Nokia’s already pushed over a million of the European model; it’s now 4 months later, a barrage of phones are to be announced next week at Mobile World Congress, and North America is notably less Nokia-centric – could it possibly meet the same level of success here in the states?