Alcatel's LEGO(ish) phone looks like a horrible idea


After many occasions during my childhood in which I sat down on LEGOs that I’d mindlessly jammed into my pockets during one of many amazing architecture sessions, the last thing I want is a LEGO phone. Seriously, if the brick’s little nubs don’t get you, the ridiculously sharp corners will. Alas, Alcatel is apparently crackin’ away at a LEGO-inspired phone, complete with mix-and-match keypads. Fortunately, it looks like they’ve rounded out the corners a bit.

Curiously absent from these leaked renders is the LEGO branding. LEGO is pretty intense about that stuff (hell, we’ll probably get a note about this post for calling them LEGOs instead of “LEGO bricks and toys”), so unless the back of the phone is one giant LEGO logo, we’re not sure what’s going on here.

A few other nitpicks: What age range are they targeting here? Take that age range; how many of those kids actually want a cell phone? Probably a good portion. Now, how many of those want a LEGO branded cell phone, rather than something along the lines of the phone they saw on TV that made them want a cell phone in the first place? What happens if they lose the pieces (which they will, being kids)?

[Via EngadgetMobile]