Pre specs show up on, new details emerge


Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Sprint just updated their site with the Palm Pre’s specs. This news alone isn’t anything special as the specs have been available for quite some time, but we now know a few details about the Pre’s internal storage and some service details. Does this mean the Pre is coming soon or did Sprint and Palm just finalize some details?

7.4GB will actually be available from the 8GB included, possibly implying the size of the OS is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 megs or so (though it’s still unclear what the relationship between the 8GB of storage and RAM will be, and whether or not the Pre will use Program Memory RAM/Storage ROM/Mass Storage like Windows Mobile or have a simpler RAM/Storage setup like other phones).

Also, MMS is CONFIRMED. So is Phone-as-modem via bluetooth or USB tethering. Yes!!

We’re just as excited as the guys over at PreCentral, but it’s still coming to Sprint first and that stinks for us GSM users.

Palm Pre