Cuba launches its own version of Linux called Nova: No more depending on Windows


Cuba is trying to eliminate its dependency on Microsoft Windows by launching and promoting a homegrown version of Linux called Nova. Government officials say they want to ween as many of the country’s computers off Windows just in case the operating system has hidden hooks into the CIA, NSA, etc. Can’t have that, now can they? Linux, free and open source, also gels with the country’s ideology. Hooray for Cuba, then.

The transition to Linux is going pretty well. About 20 percent of the country’s computers already run the operating system, and officials there hope to see 50 percent of computers run Linux within five years. Naturally, those with “special” applications (think business types and the like) are weary of making the switch, since they’re concerned about compatibility.

This here is a video of the Linux distribution in action. The last distro I used with any regularity was Red Hat 8, so pardon my lack of knowledge on the development of the kernel since then.

In other Cuba news, there’s a bill floating around the House that would ease travel restrictions to the island. Needless to say, I’d go there in a split second. Silly embargo is cramping my style.