Could FileSociety Phase Out FTP?

UPDATE: FileSociety’s services are not free. Global Edit charges a yearly fee as well as transfer and storage fees. But the company claims its pricing structure is cost-effective.

GlobalEdit, image management system that provides creative workflow tools has launched a digital file sharing service called FileSociety and already has some big-name early adopters. FileSociety allows enterprises the freedom to control and transfer digital video, image and graphic files at fast speeds. FileSociety appears to be a replacement for the former way of transferring large digital files, FTP, which was often slow and unreliable. The significance of this innovation is that businesses will be able to harness existing web connections to transfer cumbersome files instead of using FTP software.

FileSociety’s uses Aspera’s patented Fasp transport technology to provide secure transfers and even boasts speeds being 100 times faster that FTP applications. McGraw Hill, Victoria’s Secret, Showtime, Saatchi & Saatchi and Warner Brothers are all users of FileSociety’s new technology. And the glowing testimony speaks for itself:

Carl Hixson Vice President, Digital Asset Management McGraw-Hill Companies said:

FileSociety opens entirely new opportunities for our company. A typical layout file that would previously have taken 30 minutes to transfer to a design office in Asia now takes 11 seconds. Multiply this across the volume of files that we move and it’s a game changer. The system is also under the control of our creative staff which gives them the freedom and speed to take control of the production process. This is an important innovation.