Oops! Nokia leaks their own phone in their own press materials


We hear about loose-lipped employees leaking stuff all the time around these parts. Less frequently, but still pretty often, companies that have partnered together on a project will unintentionally leak the related products prior to announcement. Least common of all, however, is the treasured occasion in which a company leaks their own product.

Such is the case with the 8-megapixel Nokia N86, which makes an appearance in a stray info document (Look out! It’s a PDF.) within the press kit handed out at Mobile World Congress today. “But wait,” you say, “isn’t the entire point of a press kit to provide details on the just-announced products at events like MWC?” Yes – usually, that’s the case. But the N86 has made no other appearance at MWC – neither on stage nor in the rest of the press materials.

Besides the form factor, all we can glean from this leak is the N86 model number, the 8MP sensor, and that it’s sporting a Carl Zeiss lens (as that was the topic of the document it was hiding in). As Symbian-Guru points out, the UI sure doesn’t look like it’s built for a touchscreen, so we’re probably looking at a slider here.