Snapstream Mini Is A DVR On Steroids For Enterprises

Snapstream, who brought us BeyondTV and Snapstream Enterprise, has launched a more budget-friendly standalone TV search engine appliance for enterprises. The Snapstream Mini costs $2000 ($6000 less than the original Snapstream Server) and offers most of the capabilities of the more expensive product. One of the main differentiators is memory capacity; the Mini offers a little over 1000 hours of recordable content whereas the server product allows 2300 hours of recordings.

The Snapstream Enterprise products are a cross between a powerful DVR and a search engine. The Snapstream allows enterprises to record thousands of hours of TV (from both satellite and digital cable sources) and search inside the recordings for keywords such as a company or individual’s name. The interface looks and feels like a consumer DVR so it’s pretty easy to use. The product allow multiple users to schedule and search inside recording via a laptop, desktop or through the TV itself. Users can record several shows at once (the Mini allows 2 shows simultaneously, the Server allows up to 10 shows to be recorded at the same time) and have email alerts sent to users when a search item is mentioned. The products also allows users to trim and clip the records, email a clip url and burn recording onto a DVD.

This is undoubtedly an incredibly useful tool. Enterprises from a diverse set of sectors have already been using the Snapstream Server. For example, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign used the Snapstream to monitor the media’s coverage of her and her campaign. The E! channel’s “The Soup” uses the product to find relevant clips and content for the show. Emerson College’s Communications program uses the product for educations purposes.

A hybrid of digital media and old media, the Mini now offers businesses a pretty powerful media capability at a fraction of the price. And with the current state of the economy, this product has definite potential.