Widget Powerhouse JS-Kit Strikes Deal With Sun Microsystems

Widget provider JS-Kit has struck a deal with software vendor Sun Microsystems to provide cross-platform widgets to Sun’s internal and external properties. JS-Kit offers rating, polling, commenting and widgets that can be ad-supported or ad-free (in which case, the company charges a monthly fee).

Widget making is appealing to enterprises. It’s not the first time businesses have outsourced widget-making to JS-Kit. WorldNow, Jet Blue, Experian, and Evite have all partnered with JS-Kit to create community-based technologies to their digital platforms. JS-Kit also recently struck a deal with AOL’s widget maker Userplane to offer each others widgets to promotes mass distribution.

With numerous partnerships and an acquisition of commenting provider Haloscan, JS-Kit has steadily grown from a commenting system to a widget platform. With over 600,000 sites and blogs using JS-Kit’s widgets, JS-Kit CEO Khris Loux says publishers have a broad reach for implementing social networking functionality now that the company using Facebook Connect and OpenID.