GridIron Flow Takes Workflow Organization To A Whole New Level

GridIron Software, the provider of workflow tools for professional creative market, has launched a new workflow product for businesses, GridIron Flow. Flow tried to eliminate bottlenecks in a project, such as searching for files, for graphic designers, video editors, developers and other creative professionals. Users can track every move that is made in the creation and completion of a project. The software is also helpful coordinating workflow between multiple workers on a project; it helps gather all the files on a project together before a project is handed off to another worker.

The interface is clean and visually easy to use. Using a workflow map, the software tracks every file or software that is used in a creative project, from Adobe Flash to Microsoft Word to Apple Final Cut Studio. Flow also provides the user with instant access to every version of files created in a project. Key features of the product include the ability to track offline and online files in a workflow map, visual search options, and the ability to track how much time is spent on a file or a project.

GridIron’s CEO, Steve Forde, feels that the ability to measure time spent on a project could be particularly useful to freelancers in the creative world, who will need to measure hours spent on a project for billing purposes. Ideally, the SaaS company wants to sell to both freelances and enterprises that dabble in creative projects, such as studios, advertising agencies and graphic design businesses. GridIron’s software is priced at $249 (the price will go up to $299 in May) but users can download a free trial. And currently the software is only available for Mac computers; a Windows version should be released shortly, according to GridIron.

Forde said that GridIron worked with Adobe, Apple and other creative suite software makers to adjust its own software to meet the needs and specialties of these specific kinds of applications, like Final Cut and PhotoShop. Its pretty fascinating that big software makers are willing to work with smaller SaaS shops to help tailor offshoot operational applications. The organizational capacities of this product are pretty impressive; it’s definitely worth a demo for anyone in the creative professional business.