Live From Barcelona: TechCrunchTalk – Mobile 2.0, Where Next?

TechCrunchTalk in Barcelona: Panel on Mobile Disruption

TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona: Panel on Mobile Eco-System

TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona: Pitches by Livecliq & Mob4Hire

TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona: Pitches by Hiogi & Dubmenow

Startup pitches: Yoose and Kalerion

TechCrunch is hosting a Roundtable and Meetup at Mobile World Congress today. The live stream is posted above.

“TechCrunchTalk: Mobile 2.0 – Where next?” features an afternoon of panel discussions with mobile startups and the investment community.

2009 promises to be the year many of the predictions made about the rise of mobile may start to come true. Startups in the space are poised to take advantage of affordable mobile Internet access and sophisticated handsets like the iPhone. The question is, can they do it? That’s what TechCrunchTalk will seek to tease out from the assembled entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists that back them.

The topics will focused around a number of themes, including:

– What will be the mobile trends over the coming year?
– What are VC’s looking for?
– Can the power of the operators really be disrupted?
– What value can be created in the mobile world in difficult economic times?

To help us explore these questions we’ll have on hand:

Panel 1

Mobile Disruption

– What are VC’s looking for in mobile?
– Can the power of the operators really be “disrupted”?
– Will the rise of application stores drive innovation?
– How will the new wave of handsets change the game?

Davor Hebel, Fidelity Ventures
Ben Holmes, Index Ventures
Bob Last, SVP Taptu
Ken Johnstone, Co-Founder INQ Mobile

Panel 2

Mobile Eco-system

– What will be the mobile trends over the coming 5 years?
– What value can be created in the mobile world in difficult economic times?
– What kinds of mobile startups going will break through in the next 5 years?
– What will consumers kill for?

Peter Vesterbacka, Founder, Some Bazaar
Marc Rougier, Co-founder, Goojet
Andrew Scott, Founder, Rummble
Jennifer Grenz, VP of Marketing, Shozu

Roundtable Moderator:
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe

The event is currently sponsored by LiveCLIQ Inc.

LiveCLIQ Inc.
LiveCLIQ is a leading provider of 2-way, 3-screen Digital Media Streaming, able to stream network and user media on Mobile, Internet and TV platforms. The Company offers its hosted services to media properties, consumer brands and mobile carriers. LiveCLIQ’s user media site,, that enables people to stream live and recorded video from their mobile phones to public and community destinations on the web. LiveCLIQ’s Magellan interface provides a media overlay upon Google Earth in which geo-located media are displayed with user, title and tags enabling contextual media searches. The Company’s founders include product and business leaders from Apple, Microsoft Xbox, Netscape, Motorola and MobiTV. LiveCLIQ is based in San Francisco, California.

Our video streaming partner for the event was Floobs. Floobs Ltd is Helsinki based start-up which is developing Floobs -services for live streaming and a platform for commmunity created LIVE tv-channels. Currently Floobs is funded by local angel investors.

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