Video: A review of the Nintendo DSi by Danny Choo in which a man in a pink vest says "Bye"

Danny Choo is hanging over at BB this week and did a quick review of the Nintendo DSi, including a wonderful “video commercial” from the Land of the Rising Tentacle Porn. His review is fairly exotic as well, made up entirely of sayings from Buddhist philosophy:

It comes with an SD card slot where you can save photos taken from the two cameras mounted on the DSi – one on the cover and one facing the player. You can also save bootable ISO images of Windows 95 and OSX on the SD card too which will be ignored by the DSi.

Both screens are bigger too – not a whole lot bigger but now big enough to rest your coffee cup on.
The DSi also comes with a new matte casing which will only break if ran over by a stampeding heard of wild baboons.

Also note:

The stylus is now a little bit longer too for those who have deep nostrils.