EA chief says recession is winnowing away the weak, lame, halt


Never waste a crisis, friends. EA CEO John Riccitiello is saying that the recession is essentially pushing the junk off of the gaming store shelves, leaving only the best and brightest games. Debatable, but let’s hear him out.

“We did get fat in too many places. It seemed like anyone who could draw a guy with a gun with a crayon could get funded. At least for EA, we got a little too fat, and a little too reliant on where things were.”

Fair enough. Recessions usually mean high revenues for gaming and entertainment simply because productivity is moved from behind computer screens in cubicles to the couch, where laid off contractors now have plenty of time to game. But what will they play? Not Skate 2. They’ll play good games like BioShock and whatever else is good right now.

Obviously this is a bit of a simplification of the real supply/demand equation which is skewed by your own definition of “junk.” This is also a little back-patting by Riccitiello who is basically saying “We don’t make junk.” Thoughts?