Popjam takes Twitter – applies LOLs

Popjam is a new ‘social humour’ site which has launched using the Twitter ‘friend/follow’ model of social networking. In fact – but for the images of LOLcats and videos – it is so similar to Twitter in appearance and operation that it could be mistaken for a pure Twitter clone. But what we have here is a kind of Twitter-meets-Digg-meets-jokes. Unlike niche humor sites like College Humour oreBaumsworld, Popjam is aiming to be more of a ‘platform’ for humour, if that’s conceivable. PopJam users can post images, videos and links in their feed, as well as ‘LOL’ posts so that that users go onto a leader-board. As for the Twitter aspect, the site doesn’t yet integrate with Twitter, though that’s ‘in the plan’. The UK-based site is Angel funded.