Concept video shows iPhone App sorting done right

We love the iPhone’s ultra simple homescreen user interface – as long as we’re not trying to change anything. Once we get tired of the old arrangement of icons, moving them all around to match our new mood is like eating rice with a tool big enough for only one grain at a time. After about 5 grains, you decide you weren’t hungry in the first place. Want to organize 5 pages of apps alphabetically? Hah! See you next week.

Proving that the ultimate concept artist trifecta (User experience knowledge, Video editing knowledge, churns out good content for free) does exist, Youtube user svdomer09 has crafted up a video on how iPhone App sorting should be done. No more dragging crap around icon by icon, screen by screen – just a super simple, super slick interface in iTunes. Move multiple apps around at once, sort alphabetically with a single button click – it does everything we’d want it to do.

Pretty please, Apple?

[Via ElectronicPulp]