Ever wanted to swing your iPhone around in a way you probably shouldn't? Danglet!

I don’t care if the pins that hold the Danglet lanyard/wriststrap thing into the iPhone are made of friggin’ Adamantium – if you swing your GLASS SCREENED device worth hundreds of dollars around like the chumps in this video do, it’s going to get broken. And you probably deserve it, too.

As the iPhone lacks the little itty-bitty threading tunnel required for slipping a standard lanyard or strap onto the device, the Danglet is pretty much your only option if you’re looking to sport your iPhone like some freaky futuristic Flava Flav/Mr.T hybrid. Whoever thought of the core idea is clever, but whoever thought of showing off a group of people swinging their iPhones around like it was the latest piece of medieval weaponry in the promo video should have their video-making license taken away.

$14.99 gets you a handstrap, a lanyard, and, depending on how you use it, a small dip in our opinion of you.

[Via TUAW]