Party like its 1992 (by installing Win 3.1 on your Nokia N95)!

winsymOne thousand nine hundred ninety-two – what a year: Bush, Sr. booted in the Japanese Prime Minister’s lap; Boris Yeltsin announced that Russia would no longer (publicly) target the United States with nuclear weapons; the Washington Redskins (Go Hogs!) beat the sad Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI;  Microsoft released Windows 3.1, complete with Minesweeper; EuroDisney opened in France; Wayne’s World and Basic Instinct hit the silver screen (among other “classics“); the Mall of America was built; William Jefferson Clinton was elected 42nd POTUS; and, last but not least, Dr. Dre released The Chronic.

If this (selective) recount of 1992 has you feeling a bit nostalgic, and you happen to own a Nokia N95, then you my friend, are in luck! Thanks to Polish hacker developer Marcin-PRV (and the DOSBox app), your heretofore pipe dream of dual booting Win3.1 and Symbian on your N95 has now become a reality! Lots o’ pix after the break.








[FrazPC via Daily Mobile]