Rumor: I won't be able to afford the LG watch phone.


(This is the picture we use when we talk about the LG watch phone, because LG staffers made things difficult.)

Would you want a watch phone? Of course you would. It’s a little tiny wrist worn box of the future. It’s a childhood sci-fi idea made real. Oh, but do you have over $1,400 bucks to drop on one? Anyone? Hello?

We haven’t seen any confirmation from LG or Orange yet (so don’t come running with the pitchforks if this turns out to be shenanigans), but Mobility Today is reporting that the LG watch phone will launch at an unsubsidized priced of £1,000 ($1,442 USD). Yeah, maybe they could have pulled that off a year ago, but with the econo.. wait, no. That would have been ridiculous a year ago, too.

They’ll take a bit of the sting off if you’re willing to lock into a $60 dollar a month contract, bringing it down to a bargain bin price of just £500 ($721 USD). Sorry, LG – I’m going to stick with yelling into my normal watch while wearing a bluetooth headset for now.

[Via IntoMobile]