Video: Oh look, it's AC Milan's Kaka in a Sony Bravia commercial (that's only airing in Australia)

I bet the boys and girls over at Sony breathed a huge sigh a relief when that “Kaka-to-Manchester-City” rumor finally died last month. After all, he’s the star of its latest commercial, seen here, promoting the company’s Motionflow technology. Fast-paced sports benefit from all those hertz (and a nice helping of signal processing).

It’s so rare that I get to combine my favorite sport with technology. Oh, I try to shoehorn it in every once in a while, but nine times out of 10 I’m really, really stretching it.

As far as this commercial goes, it’s airing right now in Australia (of all places). I wonder if/how Sony will present the commercial here in the U.S., where all of 14 people know Kaka.