iVerse Comic Reader for iPhone and Android looks sweet, if limited

Carrying around a little screen at all times means — what else? — that you can read comics all over the place while looking as if you’re checking your email. The iVerse app, for both iPhone and Android, lets you read comics that have been customized for viewing on a small screen. Instead of having you zoom around a full-sized page, they’ve cut the pages into smaller, screen-size chunks. Not the best for full-page art and the like, but much more convenient and natural to read.

I downloaded “Proof” #1 (looks kind of interesting); it was clear and easy to read. Trouble is, every comic downloads as a separate app. If you were to start using iVerse with any regularity, that would get really annoying, really fast.

This isn’t going to be replacing print comics any time soon (or digital distributables for your regular display), but it’s a good venue for comics that don’t require that level of visual fidelity. I hope to see more comic makers taking advantage of this platform soon.

[via CNET]