Video: Australian Rules Mario 64, Japanese style

Some very bored Japanese guys decided to change the rules of Mario 64: activate a 1-up mushroom, then try to collect all 8 red coins before the unstoppable green-and-white monster catches up to you. It moves at about normal Mario speed, but can fly and apparently go through walls and floors. The narrators scream bloody murder whenever the sinister fungus appears, and for some reason I can’t stop laughing.

I missed these on Friday at Kotaku, but had to put them up because they’re solid retro gaming comedy gold. There are a ton of videos because they’re largely unedited and the guys die or get caught a lot. I love the bit at just after 5:50 on this level; their panic recalls my own when a T-Rex snuck up on us in Tomb Raider 2 and Dusty dove behind the couch, screaming.